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Your Consumer Rights

Your Consumer Rights

Your rights as a consumer in Türkiye:


Goods or services purchased;

If it does not fit the sample or model agreed by the parties,

If it does not have the features it should have objectively,

If it is against the contract,

If it does not contain one or more of its features in its packaging, label, introduction and user manual, internet portal or advertisements,

If it is against the quality reported by the seller or determined in its technical arrangement,

If it does not meet the intended use of the equivalent goods,

It is considered defective if it contains material, legal or economic deficiencies that reduce or eliminate the benefits that the consumer expects reasonably.

Failure to deliver the contractual goods within the time period agreed in the contract or not to properly install it in cases where the assembly is performed by the seller or under his responsibility is considered as a performance against the contract.

The seller is obliged to deliver the goods to the consumer in accordance with the sales contract.

The defects that occur within six months from the date of delivery are considered to exist at the time of delivery. In this case, it is the vendor's proof that the goods are not defective.

a) If the purchased goods are defective, the Consumer;

1) Returning from the contract by declaring that he is ready to return the sold,

2) To retain what is sold and ask for a discount from the sales price in proportion to the defect,

3) Requesting free repair of the sold at all costs, if the seller does not require excessive costs,

4) If there is a possibility, it has the right to request that the seller be replaced by an indecisive amount.

The consumer can use whatever he wishes from these rights.

b) In the event that the purchased service is defective, the Consumer;

1) seeing the service again,

2) Free repair of the work resulting from the service,

3) Discount from the price at the rate of shame,

4) return from the contract,

has the rights.

The consumer can use whatever he wishes from these rights.

All costs incurred due to the use of optional rights are covered by the party fulfilling the right chosen by the consumer. Along with one of these elective rights, the consumer may also request compensation under the provisions of the Turkish Code of Obligations.

If no longer time is specified in other Laws or contracts, the liability for defective goods or services is subject to a two-year time-out, from the date of delivery of the goods to the consumer, and from the date of performance of the service, even if the defect occurred later. This period is five years from the delivery date of the immovable property for residential or holiday purposes. The timeout provisions are not applied if it is concealed by a shame, severe defect or fraud.

Although the goods or services are defective, in case our ive rights are not exercised by the seller or supplier; according to the monetary value of the dispute;

In the provinces “

Trade Provincial Directorate

"In districts"

governorship "

d within

“Consumer Arbitration Committees”

"in the courthouses with"

To Consumer Courts

”It is possible to exercise your rights by applying.