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Safe Shopping Tips

Safe Shopping Tips

Safe Shopping Tips:

Ads on TurkiyeExporters.com, advertisements and information published by the products, company or user information are d by companies or individuals that are members of our site.

*** Please consider the following explanations for Safe Shopping.

* Do not pay a deposit to people you do not know. Phone, money order, credit card etc. Do not transfer money by methods.

* If you cannot reach the phone number specified in the ad or if the number is wrong, approach this ad with suspicion.

* Private information, T.C. Your Identity Number, Identity Card, Credit and Debit Card Information, Password etc. do not share your information with anyone.

* Vehicles, real estate etc. Do not decide to see, examine, make sure that there is no debt and get detailed information. Pictures and descriptions may be wrong.

* The license plates of the vehicles may be hidden at the seller's preference or they may be hidden especially in order not to investigate.

* Shipping the product, etc. If possible, open and check before receiving, if possible, then take delivery.

* Registration fee, photo fee, etc. for job postings. If you are asked to pay for, do not pay definitely.

* Unconvincing claims, very cheap products, wealth in a short time etc. Don't be fooled and believe in promises.
* Please search the Hotel or Facility from which you will make reservation through other channels. Do not make a reservation without making detailed research.

* Please check Tourism & Travel Agents' and PoE status from absolute to itself TÜRSAB before making reservations (Turkey Travel Agents Association www.tursab.org.tr/acenta-arama ) If you want to investigate and inquire necessarily from other channels. Do not make a reservation without making detailed research.
* The legal penalty, material and all kinds of all responsibilities of the advertisements or information or advertisements on TurkiyeExporters.com belong to the user company and / or the person who s them. TurkiyeExporters.com and its managers cannot be held responsible for this issue.

* Please inform us about the advertisement, product or company and person information you think is deceptive or inappropriate on our WhatsApp line +90505.470 90 00. Complaints that are not notified via WhatsApp are not considered.

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